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6 Top Tips to Write a Great Press Release by The Best Press Release Writing Services

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The internet offers a plethora of advantages as a marketing medium. And press release content writing, which is generally offered by leading content writing companies and press release writing company, is a great way to get attention. As businesses scramble to find out newer ways to harness the power of the internet to the fullest, a familiar marketing tool—the press release—is still alive and kicking. In fact, with the rise of the internet, it has now gained a fresh purpose. According to the statistics, 80 million people use online sources for their daily dose of news; 64% journalists use Google or Yahoo to stay updated on the recent developments in the world.

A well-crafted press release does more than just keeping the media and others informed of your brand’s recent developments. It helps capture the attention of the media persons, who may contact you to cover the news further, getting your brand more visibility and new customers. This is why a good press release writing company has an edge. And this brings us to a very important question – “How to write a great press release that makes your brand stand out from the pack?” Here are 6 amazing tips by Marketing Bunnies, the leading press release writing service India.


#1.  Make sure your story is newsworthy

Before you start writing your press release or hire a press release writing service, it’s important to ask yourself important questions like-“ Will the media people find my news interesting enough to share with their readers?” or “Will it be interesting to the readers?”. While the purpose of a press release is to announce something newsworthy, you don’t want your press release to be unappealing to the media or the common people. So, it is always good to hold off on your press release until you’ve got some really interesting news to share with the media.


#2. Choose a catchy headline

According to recent studies, Attention spans have astonishingly reduced by 50% over the past decade. So, if your headline is not catchy enough, the readers are less likely to read it. So, a great subject line is a must for a good press release.


#3. Summarize your story in the first line

According to Marketing Bunnies, India’s leading press release writing service, the first line of your press release should contain the summary of your story and that too in not more than 15-20 words. It should be like introducing your story in brief, yet attractive manner before going into the details.


#4. Write it in a clear and concise manner

Anyone who has previously worked with a press release writing service knows that the ideal word count for a press release is 300-400 words. So, you wouldn’t want to waste space and piss off your audience by including unnecessary information about your company. Be concise and don’t write anything that doesn’t add value to your story. To add credibility and a human element to your story you can include quotes from relevant personalities.


#5. Show your audience why your news matters to them

Support your press release with verifiable facts and figures. Avoid using jargons and acronyms as they make your press release less relatable. At the end of the day, it’s the audience we are writing our press release for. So, always write your PR thinking how it is going to be relevant to a larger audience.


#6. Avoid adding too many hyperlinks

If you want your audience to stick to your story, avoid adding too many hyperlinks. If you add too many hyperlinks, it will look like the only aim of your press release is to build links, rather than sharing a story. So, focus on telling a story and avoid too many hyperlinks.


Businesses attempting to build a comprehensive marketing strategy must not forget that the press releases are still the center of their marketing future, not simply an adjunct to the modern marketing strategies. A study by Nguyen suggests that only about 10% of the users have reduced their use of traditional media. So, get started as soon as possible and remember to always up the quality of the message that you plan on promoting. If you want to count on a seamless flow of the best content crafted to increase your odds of staying on the top of the game, get help from a trustworthy content writing service India. Either hire the best content writers to do the job for you or seek help of a leading press release writing company with a team of the best content writers who will ensure that your press release is written according to the best practices, i.e. using the correct tone, length, and style and help your business steal the show in any industry.


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  1. Hudson

    Hi There! Can you help me upon How many Hyperlinks are advisable & on what basis the press release will be justified?

    1. admin

      Hi Hudson,

      We advise not more than 2 outgoing links in a press release if you want it to look legit. Anything more than that is spam. Try releasing a press release a week. That way you will be giving search engines time to crawl your submissions.

      Team Marketing Bunnies

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