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Will Software/Automation Replace Content Writers?

Many of us think that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will take over and replace the need to hire content writers online.

Many of us think that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will take over and replace the job of content writers. It is no news that technology has reached levels where it dominates almost every aspect of our lives, but it comes with its share of limitations. Machines still lack something that is crucial, something that human beings possess – the ability to feel and connect with individuals. So, if you are looking to hire content writers online, you are most likely making the right decision.

In fact, analyst firm Forrester predicts that AI will replace 16% of jobs in the United States by 2025. And PricewaterhouseCoopers reports that AI will take over 30% of UK jobs. Despite all the positives that technology has provided us, it will be wrong to say that it can eliminate the role of human intelligence. Not to deny that technology is making ground breaking progress and is sure to make several jobs mechanised. But something like content creation that involves writing and creative abilities will still require efficient writers. A copy written using artificial intelligence and one written by a human shows stark difference. 

Gartner had predicted that 20 per cent of business content will be written by machines starting in 2018. This was a startling claim. The analyst firm says: “Business content, such as shareholder reports, legal documents, market reports, press releases, articles and white papers, are all candidates for automated writing tools.”

Whether artificial intelligence will automate content creation is a legitimate question looking at such claims. So, hold on if you opine you do not require content writing agencies in India. In fact, such technologies have already developed so much that the Associated Press now has machines writing full reports. The Associated Press is one of the world’s largest news conglomerates, which uses natural language generation software to publish thousands of quarterly earnings articles. The platform they use is Wordsmith by Automated Insights. But despite this sophistication of technology, humans still have the upper hand.

Human writing is more emotive 

Writing is an art that makes a brand relatable to its customers. Storytelling here is the key factor. That is something that content writing services India specialize in. Every piece of content that is created for marketing purposes aims to build relationships with customers. Humans are emotional and their writing appeals to fear, joy, love, persuasion, anger and several other feelings. 

It cannot replicate human touch 

When writing is deeply human, it moves people much better than bare statements of facts. Writers care about stories. They also give you a background of meaningful experiences. AI does not have that. They cannot use human preferences and experiences in their writing. Also, they cannot connect with the story on an individual level. They have no identity, which makes their writing very disconnected from the ground realities. Their writing lacks the true essence of words and can read like a dull report of facts. 

The kind of style and tone that a writer has is different from the writing that uses AI. The story can lack colour, background and the ability to evoke emotions. Even if the tone and style is programmed into the platform, it would require lengthy meticulous tweaking and instructions and that will first need humans. 

AI generated content can be expensive

Such content can be expensive and the general public does not have access to many such content generators. What’s readily available to the public is not nearly at the level of what the big companies have access to. 

AI writing is not relatable to the readers

Robot writers are not really sympathetic like human writers. If we take the example of influencers, what makes them so powerful? The fact that they can connect with people on a human level. Lots of people like and trust them because they share themselves and connect with their followers on social media, blogs, and other outlets. They relate to us in real, human ways. Thus, when they write a blog or create a post on Instagram, it can have an incredible impact – it can move people, literally

So, is it possible for AI to possibly replace human writers at some point in the coming years? Well, maybe. But that will take a long time – probably hundreds of years for technology to reach that point. Currently the only possibility that might emerge is that of robot helpers for human writers to augment mundane tasks and cover a broader scope of information. For now, content writers need to maintain their place by being more creative, more human and less robotic in their nature of work. 

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