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Why Writing Product Descriptions for E-commerce Websites is an Art

Words have the power to increase the sale of products. But they can also become a stumbling block, if not used in the right way. This makes content writing an art. It is, therefore, important to know the way in which product descriptions need to be written. One needs to know how to play around with words. This is what content writing services in India are experts in.

From using the appropriate words to giving illustrative and vivid descriptions that can lure customers into buying your product, it is all essential for enhancing the salability of products on E-commerce websites. The descriptions need to be informative, optimized and enticing. But it is not just important to describe the product – you also need to be able to sell it through those words. Here, the skills of an efficient content writer and thereby, the role of content writing agencies come into play.

Here are a few tips that one must keep in mind to lead customers into clicking the ‘buy’ button —


Include the 5 W’s and 1 H

This might sound like a lesson right out of a Journalism class. But this applies well to the field of marketing as well. It is important to address these, in order to build more guided and comprehensive product descriptions.

Who is this product for? This will enable you to find out more about your audience and create targeted content accordingly. Having a better understanding of the potential buyers will enable the content writer to create focused and tailored descriptions that match with the interest of the buyers.

What are the details of the product and what sets your product apart? This will include its basic features and dimensions. Emphasizing on what makes the product different also adds to the chances of it being sold as this might be the answer for the consumer’s question of “Why this one when there are other such products in the market?”

Where would your customers use this product? Is it meant to be used indoors or outdoors? When do your customers use your product? Is it when they’re traveling? Is it a seasonal item? All these questions are important to give the consumers a better knowledge of the product. 

Why would someone purchase and use your product? How does it make their lives better? What problem does it solve? What are its benefits? A person, who is looking to buy a product, would want to know how it can make their lives better. The possibility of it reducing their problems or being of some help to them increases the chances of its sale.

How does your product work? This isn’t always necessary, but if it’s a new gadget, you should describe how it functions to prevent any confusion. And you should not make the process sound difficult.


Mention not just the features, but also enlist the benefits

Highlight the benefits of the product, not just the general ones but also how it would be of help to the target audience. Focus on how the purchase is essential to the needs of the buyer.


Aid the buyer in getting rid of guilt

You should make it sound like it is a one-time offer. Let the potential buyers know that it is the best deal that they could get. Also, compliment and congratulate them for having found such an amazing deal. The product needs to be put out as something that is exclusive. Make it sound like buying the best product in the most economical price possible. Here, understanding the psychology of the buyer is the key. Refrain from using words like expensive.


Evoke buyer’s imagination

The description should be such that appeals to the buyer’s imagination. Since people do not have the ability to touch or feel the product online, the description can compensate for this. Everything that they cannot feel should be described in a way that when imagined, makes them want to buy the product. 


Hire content writers online for clarity of language

The description should be easy to understand and concise – do not use industry jargon. No one has the time, nowadays, to read lengthy descriptions. So, cut the fluff. The content writer should know how to describe as much as with as few sentences and words as possible. Another point to be kept in mind here is that lesser adjectives should be used. The usage of more verbs can shorten your descriptions. Pack a little punch that makes the description sound engaging and fascinating. Use action verbs and sensory adjectives to achieve that.


Include only relevant information

After writing the description, read it over again and see to it that you leave no questions unanswered. Keep yourself in the position of a buyer. Include only what is important for a buyer to know. Do not force irrelevant details.



Along with writing descriptions that appeal to your customers, you should also pay attention to writing descriptions that will rank high on the search engine results page. For that, the keywords that are used prove to be crucial. The best way to add keywords is to include them in your headline, subheadings or images, in a way that appears as natural as possible and not forced.

There are two things involved in writing product descriptions – a service for the customers that tells them whether the product they are buying is right for them and a service to the e-commerce platform by facilitating increase in sales and also by making sure that the customers end up with the right product, which will cut down the need for pricey exchanges.


Few other tips:

  • Keep every description distinctive and unique.
  • Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors as it creates a negative impression.
  • Keep the target audience in mind — for instance, the age group that the product caters to.
  • Make it easy to scan (by putting it in bullet points or short paragraphs, so the consumer is able to find specific information easily).
  • Use power words.

So, hire content writers online who can take a cue from these tips on how to take their product descriptions a step ahead. Content writing agencies in India should also give more importance to hire content writers online who know the art.

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