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Understanding the Difference between SEO Content Writers and Content Writers

Bill Gates gave the world, the iconic statement “Content is King” years ago but the relevance of these words still remains the same. In fact, the power of content has only increased with time. Today, content is at the forefront of all digital marketing activities as it has become a crucial element that reaps big rewards for businesses. As the companies today have realized the importance of having value-added, compelling content on their websites, more businesses are looking to hire writers who are savvy at presenting their brands in the best possible manner. If you too are looking to hire a content writer for your business, the first step is to know what kind of writer you really need. Whether you need a stellar content writer or an expert SEO writer depends on the business goals for the content you want to create. So, let us understand how content writing is different from SEO content writing and how you can find the right candidate to edge your brand out in front of the competition.


SEO Content Writers and Content Writers differ in their goals

Best SEO content writers skillfully integrate key terms derived from keyword research to write smooth, cohesive and functional articles that attract search engine traffic and grab the attention of the readers and entice them into action. A normal content writer does not necessarily need to focus on search engine rankings. A content writer just needs to tailor the content to suit the readers’ needs and build a content that entertains them or gives them something of value.


SEO Content Writing and Creative Content Writing Differ in the Type of the Content

SEO content writers have to write their content in a very clear and concise manner and most of the time they have to avoid adding redundant thoughts or words in their content. Despite the nature of the content being very concise, their focus is always on creating compelling content that aims at converting visitors into paying customers and clients. A normal content writer, on the other hand, can experiment with his/her content easily. Their focus is always on creating content that resonates with readers. However, it is always an added advantage for content writers to have skills copywriting and conversion strategy skills.


Ability to Integrate Keywords

A major point of difference that sets apart SEO content writers from normal content writers is the use of keywords. SEO content writers are required to intelligently weave popular keywords and key phrases in their content in a manner that their website gets ranked high on the Google ranking page. Normal content writers do not need necessarily need to include keywords in their content; expression of thoughts is their main priority.


Approaches Used

Sales are the end-goal of the content writing also but it intends to create sales by building exposure and gaining public trust. SEO writing, on the other hand, is mainly for advertising or branding purpose, but that doesn’t mean the content quality is compromised. The goal of SEO writing these days is not just to appear on the search engines, but also to gain the trust of thecustomers by offering them interesting content.

Whether you choose a content writer or an SEO writer, the ultimate goal of both has to be to pitch your brand. Having said that, shouldn’t you just find a content writer as soon as possible for your business? No. Not so fast! When hiring a writer for your company, always take your time and do adequate research before you finally hire a writer with the right skill sets to match your business goals.

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