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5 Top Social Media Trends

Social media for most of us is a way to connect with friends and family or a way to get quick snippets of everything going on with people, brands, and countries we care about. But for businesses, social media is more than just a platform to connect with family and friends. In the past few years, more businesses have started using social media platforms to market their business. While some do it themselves, others hire the best content writing companies in India to post engaging social media content for them. But the world of social media is dynamic and undergoing constant changes. Social media platforms are constantly innovating to keep users satisfied and interested. That’s why it is very important for businesses to closely watch the latest trends. While it is slightly difficult to say for sure how social media landscape will change in the days to come, we can certainly help you stay updated on the latest social media trends of 2018 that are important for your business.


Content writers in India are leveraging social media trends to create online buzz for brands

It’s important for people to talk about your product service, and a lot comes down to how well your product or service is marketed. The best content writing companies do just that. They create the best story for your brand after doing deep research on social media to know about people’s interest and what kind of stuff they are more interested in. For example, many writers in India and abroad are using challenges like “What the Fluff” challenge to generate interesting stories for brands that help them get attention and traffic.


Brands are using Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has become an important marketing strategy in 2018. An increasing number of brands have started partnering up with micro social media influencers to increase their business and credibility. These social media influencers are really effective in getting brands visibility as they have huge followers and a good fan base and are cheaper than the celebrities.


Chatbots are Dominating the Customer Service Segment

The chatbots of today no longer feel robotic. They are more ‘human-like’, giving brands a chance to establish an instant connection with customers from all over the world. According to Statista, 34% of respondents said they’d prefer to get the answers from AI by means of a chatbot or a virtual assistant in regards to e-commerce. Brands can customize their brand voice and send personalized messages directly to users using chatbots.


The Rise of Popularity of Videos

In this age of smartphones, videos create opportunities for businesses to inspire, evoke emotions and create buzz around their business. The biggest challenge is how you can capture your audience’s interest. Your content has to be really compelling and engaging. The best content writing companies will research into exactly what your target audience is looking for and will help you create the best video content that clicks with the audience.


More Brands are Realizing the Importance of User-Generated Content

User-generated is one of the best ways to grow your business by doing less work.
When the customers are encouraged to use your brand’s hashtags and post about your brand on social media platforms, your brand gets free publicity. A brand can simply post user content to their company’s profile. This way, more people will be inspired to post about your brand in an effort to be selected.

With a myriad of changing social media trends, without a single rulebook to follow, it’s easy for a business to feel overwhelmed. Content writing companies in India can help your business stay on top of the changes. They will analyze which platforms will work best for your audience, measure ROI and help take advantage of opportunities to help you stay ahead in the competitive world of business.

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